An emergency response program designed to support nonprofit organizations working with children and families to ensure equitable access to schooling during the COVID-19 crisis.
The INCO Education Accelerator is supported by as part of its global initiative, the Distance Learning Fund.


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The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting learning for all children with more than 1.5B students around the globe experiencing school closures.


However, the crisis has particularly dire consequences for the education of children in households that are already in precarious economic situations and don't have the resources to rapidly adapt to distance learning. Therefore, the  children on the wrong side of the digital divide stand to experience the most severe educational consequences in the long run.

Organizations that have been on the front lines of serving under resourced children have suddenly found it difficult or nearly impossible to maintain their current level service due to the crisis.


Now more than ever, these organizations play a crucial role in preventing the educational disruption of the most vulnerable families. To quickly return to their service models, they need targeted financial and technical support to adapt their strategies and transition to online methods.



With the support of, INCO launched the INCO Education Accelerator to ensure that the most vulnerable children have access to a high-quality education. This program is funded as part of's global initiative, the Distance Learning Fund.

This emergency program is tailored for nonprofit organizations and includes both financial support and an online acceleration program. INCO, in partnership with experts in distance learning, will provide grantees with the technical assistance necessary to digitize their activities and provide equitable access to education for children with the greatest needs.

We know that we are facing an unprecedented global challenge. The organizations on the front line, serving the most vulnerable, are facing this global challenge head on. One child at a time. One family at a time. This is why INCO is working with nonprofits that provide direct educational support services in Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Turkey, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong and The Philippines.




9 countries 


30 organizations 



The INCO Education Accelerator is the first 100% online accelerator supporting nonprofit organizations in their digital transformation. As part of the program, recipients receive a needs based grant to enable them to rapidly deploy online support for their beneficiaries as well as technical assistance to support the digital transition of their services and instructional modalities.


A needs-based grant to rapidly transition support services and ensure educational continuity.

A 6-month program offering individual assistance and group workshops focused on accelerating digital transformation.


Strategic diagnosis

An in-depth analysis of each organization's needs as they relate to the complete digitization of their services to students and families.


1 on 1 coaching

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Online workshops

Group workshops focused on solving collective problems that are conducted by recognized experts in digital transformation.

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Ask-me-anything sessions with organizations that have successfully achieved the digital transition of their activities.


Individual coaching with a dedicated mentor that is focused on the identified-needs from the strategic diagnosis.



INCO Group believes that building an inclusive and sustainable economy is imperative given the shifting populations, growing inequalities, and ecological dangers that much of the world is facing. 


We seek to create new economic offers - jobs of the future - through our incubation of promising ideas and investments in emerging entrepreneurs that are creating solutions for social and environmental challenges. 

We provide accelerated opportunities for underserved individuals to access the jobs of the future through a portfolio of training programs in our INCO Academy. Our programs aim to create economic opportunities for all and focus on digital transitions, entrepreneurship, and the green economy.



Millions of children are no longer in school. The INCO Education Accelerator invites individuals, companies and institutions to join INCO in our effort to get kids back to learning.

Contact us if you are interested in applying for the INCO Education Accelerator, would like to provide expertise to our grantees, and with any other inquiries pertaining to this effort.We're in this together. We WILL succeed together. Join us!

Thank you!